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Where does Black Flag Wing Chun Come from and what is Black Flag?
Posted by Kenneth Lin
Asked on June 15, 2014 6:52 pm

Based on my historical research, The “black flag” name, originated from the black flag lodge located in the Fujian province of Southern China. The black flag lodge was either the place or the group located in Fujian for the secret society called the “Tian Di Hui” (Heaven Earth Society). It was established to overthrow the Qing and restore the Ming (dynasties).
Inside the black flag lodge is the hall called the “Hong Hua Ting” (Red Flower Pavilion). This is the place where members would take an oath during certain ceremonies including receiving new members. The origin of Tian Di Hui, based on my research, is that it was established by the surviving five elders of the Shaolin Temple that escaped. Originally there were 18 but the rest were killed.

These five elders went on to create their own lodges. They were:
1. Cai Dezhong [蔡德忠] created the first, which is the Black Flag lodge, located in Fujian. It was given the title “lodge of blue lotus hall”. According to my research, Black Flag is the most important of the lodges and it takes precedence over the rest of the lodges.
2. Fang Dahong [方大洪] created the Red Hall lodge in Guangdong. It’s was titled “Hall of the obedience hall”. Its main purpose was to serve up the troops against the Qing army.
3. Ma Chaoxing [馬超興]founded the yellow or carnation flag in Hunan Provence. The title given was “Hall of Our Queen.” I also discovered that more than likely the survivors of the Ming Imperial family were members of this hall.
4. Hu Deti [胡德帝] established the White flag lodge in Hunan. Its title was “Hall of the blended heaven.” It may have been more involved in administrative functions such as finding new members.
5. Li Shigai [李式開] established the Azure flag in Zhejiang Provence. Title given was “Hall of extensive conversion. “ They were responsible for recruiting new members.

These five surviving elders came from the Shaolin temple in Fujian Provence and this is why the Black Flag was the first lodge because it was closest to the old Shaolin temple.
The Shaolin temple was burnt down by the Qing because the temple was used a refugee center for the rebellion. When the Ming generals lost the war in the north against the Qing they headed down to the South and sought refuge there. Coincidentally, my research matches some of the historical research concerning both Wing Chun and Hung Ga, a southern Chinese martial art associated with Jee Sin and Hong Xiguan.

I also discovered that when the Shaolin monks in Fujian, military experts, and local Kung Fu experts met, they trained in the place called “Eng Chun Tim” or “Wing Chun Dim” (Everlasting Spring time Hall=Hope for the future/rebirth of Ming). So I concluded that this so called Eng Chun Tim was the origin of our style.

On the side note, please don’t be confused with other black flag name, in total, there are 4 black flag group in the history of 1700-1940:
1. Black Flag Lodge of Tian Di Hui Society [This is what were are related]
2. Black Flag Army [Hei Qi Hui] in Vietnam, nothing to do with us
3. Black Flag Banner of Manchurian 8 banner army, nothing to do with us
4. Black Flag Bandit in Nanking after 1930, just some local bandit trying to use black flag name around 1930. Nothing to do with us, our lodge and secret society went dismissed after China become republic in 1910 and the last chief instructor of black flag went to Indonesia in 1907.

Posted by Kenneth Lin
Answered On June 15, 2014 7:08 pm