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Can you tell me the names of the rest of your Sifus?  Who were the rest of the Kwee King Yang students?

Posted by Kenneth Lin
Asked on June 15, 2014 9:17 pm

Answer: In the past, I have mentioned them to a number of people. Everyone knows who are my Sifus. It’s not a secret. However, learning from a painful, past experience, I discovered it is not a good idea to divulge them anymore. Even though I like to give credit to them for source of my learning just like in the past, I had a bad experience and learned my lessons..

Everyone knows that my first and main Sifu was Grant Master The Kang Hay. People know that I also learned from Sifu Tio Tek Kwie and people in my circle actually pretty much know the rest of Kwee King Yang direct and in-direct students that I learned from.

Q: What was that experience?

In the past we ran into an issue when one of my downline students that had a disagreement with a protocol established in our kungfu organization that I founded, he ended up contacting Sifu Tio Tek Kwie, one of my sifu, and jumped generations and went directly to him. I do not think Sifu Tio was tempted to take him as a student due to an offer. I have a feeling that sifu Tio accepted him because of this compassion and saw this student’s passion to learn the art. This has caused our internal organization and Kung Fu family among the elders in Indonesian. So I do not want a similar issue to arise again. Therefore I refuse going forward to reveal. For a fact I learned from more than 10 and most of them are still alive today.

I want to protect the rest of my sifus [Kwee King Yang's students] so that this does not happen again. I don’t wish the public to think that one of my Sifus can be bought by some offer. On the other hand, I don’t want my Sifu be labeled as someone that created a disharmony in someone else’s organization where they think that they can jump generations, this would create a big insecurity for anyone who come in contact with that sifu of fearing that their downline branch could be stolen.

Q: What do you mean by “Jumping Generations?”

Jumping Generations means where you go directly and do not give your original Sifu credit for your instruction. Sometimes we learn from our kungfu father and sometimes we can also learn from out Kung Fu Grand Father. For me, I have no problem having my students learn from their grandfather and I have taken some to learn from our Kung Fu grandfathers using the proper channels like I always do in the past and present time. But when they ignore their sifu and jump generation, this causes political issues and insecurities in the organization toward the sifu who accept the jumped student. I also don’t want any of my sifu to be labeled as one who spreads disharmony among my downline fearing that their branch schools could be stolen by one of my sifu.

Going forward, if anyone want to learn the complete Black Flag Wing Chun, it would have to be from me at this time, Especially Black Flag Wing Chun is the result of my research and my years of work to revive it. Moreover, You would not get the complete picture from any of my sifu because They have only have several pieces of the system.

Posted by Kenneth Lin
Answered On June 15, 2014 9:22 pm