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There was an allegations about the formula where somone trying to say Black Flag stole it from their book.
Posted by Kenneth Lin
Asked on June 15, 2014 9:33 pm
Let me reveal the truth, the original formula of Black Flag Wing Chun came from our Beng Tiam Kao Kuat [明點口訣] “Pointers based on Oral Wisdom” that was passed down in pieces through kwee king yang students. I collected all of them and got the complete picture to understand the in-dept of Black Flag system. Formula is the short acronym to refers “Pointers based on Oral Wisdom” The main formula of Black Flag Wing chun is based on:
  1. Inside and Outside Gate theory of Bridging [Outside attack must be bridged inside, Inside attack must be bridged from outside].
  2. Two Yin Lines [Border Line between Inside and Outside Gate], Two Yang Lines[End of Outside Gate] and Center Line[Center of Inside Gate].
  3. Three Dan Tien [Upper, Mid and Lower Dan Tien]
These defined what we call then nine gates theory. Print Even though this Kao Kuat [Oral Wisdom] is from Tjia Fun Tjiao of Black Flag, I still do not dare to claim we are the rightful owner of this formula, WHY? Because there are so many different styles that also use inside and outside gate bridging theory, not to mention the 3 dan tien had been used in Taoist cultivation practice in many lineages for thousand of years, even to 12,000 BCE from Mount Gong Dong [Guang Cheng Zi]. On the other hand, I found it very disturbing about this slander that claim, they invented the formula and we stole it, it is almost like saying my grandfather invented English because he was the first one that brought English language in Scotland. So wrong! Furthermore, this person who slanders us also look down on his own art, because he created the impression that their art has no depth / substances that anyone can figure out their art from reading their book’s formula. In the case with black flag wing chun there is no secret, we openly show everything and touch hand with everyone, has real person and picture of our past masters, not some computer-animated-generated picture, it takes long dedication of hard training to master our art. We know that people can not learn our art from DVD or books, not to mention formula. Even when we really teach with full attention and intention from both teacher and student, the mind understand but it takes time for the body to “KNOW”. In the past, Sifu Lin came across a few members who came from a certain Wing Chun group who believe in secret formula. In Black Flag Wing Chun, there is no so called secret techniques, secret moves nor secret formulas to get real kung Fu Skills. You’ve seen in the past 5 years, Sifu Lin had been working very hard to dispel the myth of so-called wing chun ’secret formula’. Which is nothing more than basic understanding of right placement and position, commonly used in most southern kung fu. Real skills comes from hard training. No secret and no secret formula! Result of hard work ==> Will produce Real Kung Fu. Secret Formula =====> Is just Low Marketing tactics, does not produce real Skill. Side note: Please look at this video about Our Bong Jiu compared to their bong sao, which one do you think follow the “Formula”. Click HERE
Posted by Kenneth Lin
Answered On June 15, 2014 9:57 pm