Black Flag Wing Chun Tutorial 3

Wing Chun Bong Sao / 膀手 Technique based on Maximum Efficiency.


Black Flag Wing Chun Bong Sao

Black Flag Wing Cdfhun Bong Sao

You've seen how the Ip Man Movie have sparks the growth of Wing Chun Kung Fu worldwide. Now learn how to use Wing Chun techniques using HKB Eng Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun] to achieve maximum efficiency of time, space and energy, from this Wing Chun Video.


In this Wing Chun Training video, Grand Master Kenneth Lin demonstrates how to use the HKB Wing Chun Combat Formula [Originated from late GM Kwee King Yang's teaching of Kao Kuat / 口訣] to achieve the maximum combat efficiency using the basic Wing Chun Bong Sao Technique [Bong Jiu / 膀手] both in deflecting as well as in Occupying time, becoming space and releasing an impulse energy.

Many times, in most Wing Chun mainstream lineage, focusing using offense as defense. In this video, Grand Master Kenneth Lin demonstrated how to achieve maximum efficiency using HKB Combat formula on applying that offense as defense idea.

Note: Within this video, GM Kenneth Lin made a comparison between the common use Wing Chun Bong Sao [膀手] from mainstream Wing Chun and showcase the Black Flag Wing Chun perspective of Bong Jiu / 膀手 [Bong Sao]. Please be noted that this does not mean one is better or less than another, it should be up to you to decide which fit you the most.

Black Flag Wing Chun training methodology makes it possible for you to use Wing Chun in full contact vs. Systema, vs. Taichi, vs. Taekwondo, vs. Kenpo, vs. Ninjutsu, vs. BJJ, vs. Muay Thai, vs. karate, vs. boxing, vs. any styles!

Available in Black Flag Wing Chun Schools: USA [California & Virginia], UK [Devon], Germany [Saarbrucken], Italy [Roma, Genova, Savona, Livorno, Torino, Novara] and HKB Wing Chun online university.

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