Grandmaster Kenneth Lin Rome 2017

GM Lin will be in Rome and Perugia, Italy between 17th to 27th of October 2017, to conduct a HKB Wing Chun Seminar and Workshop on the special topics, which is the soft release of the New HKB Eng Chun Program; Covering HKB's Internal Power and HKB's static and dynamic Heaven-Earth-Man Structure, Combat Strategy and Much More

Please join us in Rome and Perugia, we will be having a lot of fun, getting sweat and overloaded with tons of new informations.....

You OWE it to yourself to participate in this event. Believe us, you don't want to miss out......because this will be one of the greatest HKB Workshop GM Lin ever perform in his life..... Hek Ki Boen

Register Today, Call NOW to RSVP Your Spot Today!
(+39) 328.3421682 or PM Maestro Riccardo Di Vito
LIMITED SEAT! Maximum space for Only 200 people. Currently Less than 20 Seats Left!! RSVP Now!!

HKB International Team


GM Lin will also conduct some lectures and seminar on Taoist Spiritual Introduction as well as YSM Taoist Qi Gong and Taoist Spiritual Meditation in Perugia. Contact us for more information


In Case You Haven't Seen it, This is GM Lin Demonstrating Sticky Hands of  HKB Eng Chun System