Question #1. Can I copy any information in this website to be posted/uploaded somewhere?
Answer :  All materials on or or or or any other site owned by Suhu Lin Xiang Fuk or any branch of Shaolin HKB Organization are protected by Federal copyright and are protected under treaty provisions and worldwide copyright laws. Materials contained in any part of or or or or may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without the written permission of Shaolin HKB Organization. With NO EXCEPTION, Suhu Lin and Shaolin HKB International does not grant any express or implied right to you under any of his trademarks, service marks, copyrights or other proprietary information. Moreover, if you are a public domain website/community forum discussion owner/moderator, you are not allowed to allow anyone to posting or upload that the materials is taken from this website. No exception.

Question #2. What is the different between Wing Chun, HKB, HKB Eng Chun Pai, Hokien Eng Chun Kun, Hokien Eng Chun Kok Sut Cia and Shaolin HKB?
Answer :   HKB is Wing Chun[Eng Chun]. In the past, this style is taught by GGM Kwee King Yang in Indonesia [Between 1937 - 1987] under the banner of Hok Kian Eng Chun Kok Sut Cia / Hokian Eng Chun Kuntao [Fukien Wing Chun Kungfu Family]. 

Under leadership of Grandmaster Lin Xiang Fuk, in 2008, he used to spread this art under the banner of HKB Eng Chun Pai.
The name of HKB[Hek Ki Boen=Black Flag] came from the history background of Kwee King Yang's Teacher; Cia Fun Tjiao, who was the last Chief Instructor of Black Flag Lodge. GM Lin decided to use the HKB Eng Chun in order to differentiate our version of Wing Chun with other 'Cantonese' Wing Chun.
Shaolin HKB is new program/system that will be launch in 2012, developed by Grandmaster Lin. And because of politics, we don't want to be associated with Wing Chun as an organization.
In case you haven't read the past official statement regarding this matter, please take your time to review this link.

Question #3. Is Shaolin HKB a "better/superior" style than other martial arts?
Answer :  There no better or even best style. It all depends on the practiconer personal training, experience and skill set. If Ferrari is one of the fastest car, but it doesn't guarantee the driver to win the race. Just like a car, some is build for many different needs; luxury, racing, off-road, comfort, etc. This applies to Martial Arts as well. Shaolin HKB focuses on Maximum Efficiency through occupancy of time, becoming the space and explosive power as it's feature.

Question #4. Is Shaolin HKB considered to be the 'original Shaolin Wing Chun' as compared to other lineage of Wing Chun?
Answer:  There are no such things as 'more original'. There are many different lineages of Wing Chun coming from Souther Shaolin Temple. Shaolin HKB is just one of many lineages of Wing Chun.

Question #5. Where does the name of Shaolin HKB come from?
Answer:  Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun, in Fukkienese Dialect, is the system that was brought down to Indonesia by Kongco Tjia Fun Tjiao around 1907 who was known as the last chief instructor of Black Flag Lodge of the secret society (Overthrow Qing, Restore Ming).  In the past, this system had always been referred as Hokien Kuntao / Hokien Eng Chun Kun / Hokien Eng Chun Kun Kuntao(Kuntao=Way of Fist) [Fukien Wing Chun]. As a result of other lineage of 'Cantonese' Wing Chun who also claimed to be 'Fukienese' as their origin, around 2008, GM Council Tio, decided to adopt the name of HKB [Black Flag] Eng Chun based on our oral history of Tjia Fun Tjiao of the Black Flag Lodge, to differentiate our origin and identity from other lineage of cantonese wing chun. Shaolin HKB is the the realization of Sifu Lin's training methods that have been perfected over the years.  These innovations in training have been proven by Sifu Lin in his training of students and development of instructors worldwide.  The Shaolin Hek Ki Boen system and its program has been piloted over the last years.  This program allows all students and Instructor Candidates to achieve basic skills within six months.  All videos and materials published thus far have shown only these basic skill sets.

Question #6. Is it a good idea to learn Shaolin HKB since you already learned other styles of Martial Arts?
Answer:  There is nothing wrong with being well rounded and knowing other type of Martial Art, as long as it is not conflicting. When it does, one has to go, because your body will not be able to adapt two kind of 'personality' naturally. Moreover, Learning kungfu is like life journey, you always want to gain more knowledges and skills. It is very important to be willing to empty your cup so that you can experience the taste of 'HKB'. A good example of this would be our GGM King Yang, before he learned HKB from Tjia Fun Tjiao, he already learned from nine masters and mastered different variety of Kuntao such as Tai Zu Quan, Ho Yang Pai (Popularly known as Ngo Cho), However, he always had an open-minded as learning a tressure is once a lifetime opportunity that may not come twice. When he met Kongco Tjia Fun Tjiao around 1907, his open-minded, allowed him to discover what kind of tressure the Shaolin HKB was.

Question #7. If I decided to learn Shaolin HKB, is it a good idea to learn other style afterwards, to expand our horizon?
Answer: As long as it's not conflicting and can bring benefits and pick up some experience, sure, why not. However, if it is conflicting in concept and principle, your body can only adapt one as a second nature. Moreover, it is recommended that you should not learn different style at the same time. Think it as you don't want to drink tea and coffee in the same time at the same cup as this will prevent you from understanding the real taste of coffee (HKB) if it's mixed with tea (Others). A good example of this would be our current leader of HKB, Suhu Lin Xiang Fuk, who start his HKB journey in 1985, also had the chance to learn other styles of Chinese Martial Arts, including some other Wing Chun lineage. Some of those other lineage even certified Suhu Lin as instructor level. But Suhu Lin, even at the very end, had chosen to stay and focus on Shaolin HKB. It is up to you which one you choose over another. It is what suits you. For Suhu Lin, Although he had the opportunity to expand his horizon by learning some other styles, such as Vikoga Wing Chun, Tai Zu(Ngo Cho), Tao Kun(Ancient Hsing Yi), Tai Chi, etc, in the end, he still found Shaolin HKB suits his body, mind and spirit, moreover, his body pala(opposite of body karma) was so deeply established in HKB since 1985.

Question #8. Why there are some other Wing Chun that trace their history differently compared to HKB?
Answer:  There are many legends about the origin of Eng Chun. However, until today, there are no supporting concrede evidence has ever been found. The only available sources have always been through the oral tradition which have been passed down by many forefathers of each lineage of Wing Chun. Depending which side of the story is written, it become the known history. With HKB, we also do not want to claim our history 100% true, as many of us was not there when the Southern Shaolin was burned down 400 years ago. In the past, many Kuntao Master in China, respected one another belief on the origin of a system. This shows their deep understand of Wing Chun by demonstrating respect and promote compassion as way of life. In the opposite of mastering deep understanding of a system would be like calling other history from different lineage as "his-story". This poor character and behaviour, not only rejected by Martial Art Community(Shows how his/her sifu educate him/her, or worse, if it's the Sifu him/herself), but also very un-acceptable within Chinese Community.

Question #9. Does Shaolin HKB bring health benefit?
Answer:  Shaolin HKB offers three tressures of Shaolin; Chan Buddhism Wisdom(Mind), Maximum Efficiency Self Defense system(Body) as well as Health through Khi Kang/Qi Gong(Spirit).  The broad study of these area will create a healty body, sharper mind and well-balance happy way of life.

Question #10. How long does it take to learn Shaolin HKB?
Answer: Given a dedicated student being taught by our committed and passionate teacher using good professional training program, any student can are challenge to progress very fast. However, it is not true that Eng Chun takes shorter time to master. HKB contains multiple deep layers of understanding that can only be done by direct experience to develope the HKB body pala (Opposite of karma). To learn it can be fast, but to master can take a lifetime.

Question #11. What is the different between Kuntao, Kungfu, Chuan Fa, Kok Sut(Guo Shu), Wushu?
Answer: Kuntao is fukiense word of  "Way of Fist" (Cantonese Kuen Do), Kungfu means Achievement of skill, Chuan Fa means Fist Method), Kok Sut(Guo Shu) means Country Art, Wushu means Martial Art. Those are the term used to describe Chinese Martial Arts a different times and different places in China. Moreover;
Kungfu: New terminology that was popularized around 1960, due to Bruce Lee effort of Chinese Martial Art introduction to the west.
Chuan Fa: Used in some part in China.
Kok Sut: Old terminology to describe Chinese Martial Art around 1900.
Wushu: Since it means Martial Art, technically this is the most correct term to describe Chinese Martial Art, but it currently refers as Chinese Martial Gymnastic.
Kuntao: Kun(Kuen)=Fist, tao(Do)=Way. This term came and used in Fujian. During 1800, there had been a big wave of immrigrant from Fujian into South East Asia. It is completely uneducated ignorance to think kuntao as Silat. Silat is S.E. Asia Martial Art. Kuntao does not refers to specific style, instead, it is just the Fukienese term to call every Chinese Martial Art regardless what style. Kuntao was the old term used, Just like word of  "Kungfu" use nowdays to describe Chinese Martial Art.

Question #12. Who is teaching Instructor Candidates?
Answer: All, Each and Every ICP training, due to skill assurance and quality control, CAN Only be done directly by SIfu Lin Xiang Fuk with no exception. Among the Instructor Candidates can get together to train on their own, However, Only GM Lin is the only one that teaches Instructor Candidates.

Question #13. Is there any other HKB Seminars that is not listed in this website?
Answer: Each and Every HKB Public seminar will always and only be listed in this HKB website. If it's not listed here, it is not HKB Seminar. Any seminar that is not listed here, doesn't represent HKB at all. Feel free to contact us for verification

Question #14. If I still have some question not listed here, what should I do?
Answer: By all mean, please address it immediately and directly by email to info {at} shaolinhkb{dot} com.


HKB Staff