San Kim Sean Bokathor

I had a great time meeting my new friend, GM San Kim Sean of Ancient Khmer Combat System; Bokator.

Took place on Monday May 12, 2014, The highlight of the conversation was we both feel that:

"If a new player always being kicked out of the field, then the there will be anyone left in the field after sometime, it will be such a lonely world...Imagine you are playing a video game alone.....". This is why we should promote all martial arts in one unity with happiness, not hatred toward each other. Martial arts is not about promoting hatred or hurting this/that sifu/style, otherwise, the use of Gun would be much faster result for hurting.

I am so glad that in the Wing Chun World, there are so many positive people who always speak positive about other styles and Sifu(s). Even more than that, In Wing Chun World, we also have many Wing Chun researchers whose mission is to research and promote all lineages of Wing Chun as One Big Family not families. Martial Arts Certainly are not about families of superior/inferior, authentic/fake, more/less original, can/cannot fight of this or that.

Official HKB Wing Chun International is so proud to be part of Wing Chun Family. I am so happy that all True HKB members always speak positive as part of their Wu De [Martial Arts Virtue], being demonstrated in daily life.

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- Sifu Kenneth Lin