happy chinese new year 2016 black flag wing chun



Dear Friends, Members, Students and Instructors of Black Flag Wing Chun Worldwide,

Past has past, the future is yet to written greatly. Who we are is not about what we have achieved, how much wealth we accumulated, nor how much accomplishment we have neither. Whether is positive nor negative things that has happened in our life, does not define we truly are.

Instead, how we stay true to ourselves, to be the true human being based on our pure consciousness no matter how good the weather nor how mad the storm in life. Let's write our new chapter of 2016 with our very best as humanly possible.

I want to take this opportunity, on the behalf of Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun, Black Flag Wing Chun International and my personal behalf to say:

Happy Chinese New Year of Money and Monkey 2016.

Good fortune according to your wishes,

Surplus year-after-year,

Fortune will smile on you,

May all your wishes come true,

Lots of luck and profits.




Sifu Kenneth Lin and Simu.

happy chinese new year 2016 black flag wing chun