[Official Statements]
Feb 19, 2014

Dear Students, Instructors and Friends,

Due to private lineage chart contain some part of black flag lineage that was circulated in facebook since 2 days ago on February 17, 2014, it has created some unfortunate mis-understanding of who are the official HKB representative.

We write this official statement to inform everyone of who are All HKB International Representatives, official schools and non commercial clubs. Short story if anyone claim to be our representative, their name/schools MUST be listed here:


Our only HKB Representatives worldwide are listed below:

  1. Instructor of Official HKB Schools:
    1. 2nd Master Level Instructor Benny Meng
    2. 1st Master Level Instructor Daniel Brandt
    3. 1st Master Level Instructor Gordon Pollard
    4. 1st Master Level Instructor Gianluca Giusto
    5. 1st Master Level Instructor Riccardo Di Vito
    6. 1st Associate Level Instructor Brad Ryan
    7. 1st Level Associate Level Instructor Aaron McKillip
    8. 1st Associate Level  Instructor David Morgan
    9. 1st Associate Level Instructor Mark Boyd
    10. 1st Associate Level Instructor Mauro Carappo
    11. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader  Mark E Bober
    12. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader  Michael Sampson
    13. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader  Stefano Fenzi
    14. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader Marino Baccin
    15. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader Andrea Ravera
    16. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader Pierpaolo Barnieri
    17. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader Simone Maineri
    18. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader  Massimiliano Sinopoli
    19. Instructor Candidate / Group Leader Sara Pilepich
  2. Instructor of Non Commercial HKB Clubs:
    1. 2nd Master Level Instructor Andrew Wonpat
    2. 2nd Master Level Instructor Kenneth Rimestad
    3. 1st Master Level Instructor John Hackmeyer
    4. 1st Master Level Instructor Benjamin Blalock
    5. 1st Associate Level Instructor John Lambert
    6. 1st Associate Level Instructor Xan Smith [inactive]
    7. 1st Associate Level Instructor Sajid Ahmed
    8. 1st Associate Level Instructor Chango Noaks
    9. 1st Associate Level Instructor Alex Magnos
    10. 1st Associate Level Instructor Manuel Ramos [inactive]
    11. 1st Associate Level Instructor Boscolo Gilmsy [inactive]

Among them, only 12 of them are my direct disciples which I taught them in private directly:

  1. Master Benjamin Blalock
  2. Master John Hackmeyer
  3. Master Andrew Wonpat
  4. Master Benny Meng
  5. Master Kenneth Rimestad
  6. Master Gordon Pollard
  7. Master Gianluca Giusto
  8. Master Riccardo Di Vito
  9. Master Daniel Brandt
  10. Suhu David Morgan
  11. Suhu Mark Boyd
  12. Suheng Mark E Bober

For validation purpose, if the instructor name is not listed here, they do not have any authority,license,permission to teach and represent HKB Eng Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun].

Kenneth Lin