Sifu Michael Sampson, Our HKB Licensed School Instructor has spent and invest so many hours making this dummy available. I personally, has also purchased one from him for our HQ school as well. I can honestly say that I am very happy with his work. It is such a good craftsmanship and great functionality to train HKB Bai Jong Concept and position in different aspect.

I strongly urge all the HKB Leaders to purchase at least one unit to be installed in your school as HKB School/HKB Non Commercial Club. The price is very reasonable, so please contact Sifu Michael Sampson Directly to get the pricing.

Sifu Michael already has 30 units available ready for immediate ship. Please order now. I think it should be really nice to have an HKB Wooden Dummy as an official HKB School or club.

wooden dummy


Sifu Kenneth Lin