[Official Statement] 03/03/2014

It has been over a year since we launched both our HKB Licensed Instructor School, and HKB Non-Commercial Club Programs.

We have received an enormous amount of positive feedback from the public, especially from the real open-minded passionate martial artists. Due to the huge demand and increasing number of requests for our HKB International FREE SEMINARS everywhere, we have experienced a slight technical issue. Which we are glad to say has now been resolved.

As leader of HKB, Sifu Kenneth Lin realizes how important it is to have a structured system and process in place for growing the Organization. Our mission is to preserve, spread and advance this art for the future generations to come; this is also a key reason why we never collect any payment for our instructor candidate programs worldwide. We understand the current situation, and how important it is to serve the public and art for the future of humanity.

We want to best serve our Future Instructors, Current Instructor Candidates and Certified Instructors. So As of March 1, 2014, Sifu Kenneth Lin has decided to step up as the acting international program director that was previous held by Sifu Benny Meng,

Kenneth Lin


The role of program director, consist of:

1. Public Relation. 2. Organization Operation 3. HKB Direction.

We are very excited with this new decision, as this will give Sifu Lin more opportunities to make improvements and have closer relationships with our future instructor candidates.

With Sifu Kenneth Lin, as the current acting International Program Director, we advise that all inquiries regarding our FREE HKB Seminar/Workshops or FREE HKB Instructor Training, should please contact Sifu Lin directly at sifulin@hekkiboen.com

So that he can assign you to the appropriate channel [HKB National Chief Instructor] of your country. Please note: if this position is not established yet, then you will be placed directly under Sifu Lin himself. This way, we can make sure 100% that you are being taken care of to the best of our ability.

Please join us in congratulating Sifu Kenneth Lins decision to step up as the HKB International Program Director.

Best Regards







HKB Council