Dear Student, Parents, Members and Instructors,

Let me start by giving a big CONGRATULATION to my main National Chief Instructor for Black Flag Wing Chun Italy; Master Riccardo Di Vito, for his recent success of his life-long dream in establishing the full time premiere National School of Black Flag Wing Chun Italia.

riccardo di vito


I can't express it enough how much I am so proud of his work and passion for spreading Black Flag Wing Chun in every corner in Italy. And it is time to give the big recognition that he truly deserve!

Last, but not the least. I want to give everyone the LATEST and GREATEST Upcoming Event of  2014, that we will be conducting an HKB Winter Camp 2014 in HKB Roma National School while celebrating and witnessing the soft opening of Master Riccardo's school. What makes this EVENT to be a LIFETIME Dream Event is that I will bring My Main Sifu, My Kung Fu Father, GM The Kang Hay to join us, celebrating this success by conducting ONCE A LIFETIME Grand Seminar and Workshop for Public as well Instructor training.

There will be many of  Instructors and members all over the world and many places from Europe that will be present as well.  I will also bring a group of senior members and instructors from HKB Headquarter and USA to come with me for this special event.


You've Have Been Warned.

Both Myself and My Kung Fu Father, GM The Kang Hay Will be there!
The Greatest Wing Chun Seminar and Workshop that We Will EVER Done in our life are in the menu this November!

We will post the flyer and registration page soon!



All the Best,

Sifu Kenneth Lin

Stiamo pianificando l'HKB WINTER CAMP, l'ultima settimana di novembre, durante il quale ospiteremo a Roma il Gran Maestro Lin Xiang Fuk ed il suo Maestro, GM The Kang Hay, per la prima ed ultima volta in Occidente. Sarà l'unica occasione per lavorare con uno dei membri del circolo degli anziani della nostra Famiglia. Chiunque volesse informazioni in merito, mi contatti quanto prima possibile.