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Black Flag Wing Chun History, Interview with Sifu Kenneth Lin By Riccardo Di Vito

As you know, the Hek Ki Boen or Black Flag Wing Chun has spread worldwide. I look forward to training with all the students and instructors.

It is unfortunate, however, that we need to address some of the charges made against me and the HKB system overall in the last three years in which not a single person ever contact Sifu Kenneth Lin clarify.

We hope we can clarify our position and dispel some of the misconceptions or allegations made against us but revealing the whole true origin about the origin of Black Flag Wing Chun. This is our first official response to clarify everything and let the public knows the truth.

Black Flag Wing Chun, also known as Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun is the latest Sifu Kenneth Lin's International Curriculum based on his extensive long research of:

  1. Collecting and compiling the complete teaching of Late GM Kwee King Yang through all of his students that is still alive and had to opportunity to meet.
  2. Investigating by learning every styles that GM Kwee King Yang learned directly at their same school/family for the purpose of FILTERING & REMOVING all non-Black Flag Eng Chun Kung Fu elements. [NCK Five Ancestor, Tai Cho Grand Ancestor, Kao Kun Monkey Boxing, Lo Han Fist Boxing, Hek Fu Black Tiger Boxing, Tat Tjun Bodhidharma Boxing, Bai He White Crane and few others]
  3. REVIVING the original teaching of Black Flag system originated from GM Tjia Fun Tjiao, last chief instructor of Black Flag from Fujian.

In conclusion, Black Flag Wing Chun is the work of Sifu Kenneth Lin's Long extensive research of compiling, filtering and reviving the original teaching of Black Flag from Tjia Fun Tjuao. Black Flag Wing Chun is ONLY available to learn through Sifu Kenneth Lin directly or any of his official branches worldwide: