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HKB Internal Power Revolution

First Official HKB Internal Power Webinar

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No Secret!
It's Given Away for FREE!!
HKB Internal Power Revolution

HKB Internal Power Revolution

MARCH 2, 2014
11:59 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time

For the first time online, GM Kenneth Lin will go in depth on the Internal Power Development within Black Flag Wing Chun.

The purpose of this Webinar is to Demystify the Internal Power myth by going in depth on What, Why, How and The training methodology to develop this internal power.

In the end, there is no more room for tyranny self-proclaim sifu/master to 'sell' it as secret 'this' or 'that'. There is no Secret in Internal Power, Just the hard training with the right method.


  1. Open Mind
  2. Fast Implementation in your training
  3. Computer with internet access
  4. Facebook account
  5. Two Hour Investment that will make a different in your training.

It is time for The Revolution of HKB Internal Power Development.
Don't miss out!

This Event is Open to Both HKB MEMBERS Worldwide as well as Non-Members.
It will be an open interactive learning and discussion. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may participate and ask question through our private line and we will answer it still openly but kept your identity confidential.

Register TODAY!
Please register for The Secret of HKB Wing Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun] Internal Power Revolution Webinar on Mar 2, 2014 11:59 AM Pacific Time at: