Huo Yuan Jia's idea of reviving the old Traditional Chinese Martial Arts is my inspiration....

Huo Yuan Jia

In Fujian dialect, the common majority of Chinese dialect used in Southeast Asia, he is known as Ho Goan Ka [Huo Yuan Jia]. The founder of  Chin Woo Association, known as Tjeng Boe Hwee in Fujian dialect, where the word of Kuntao was used to describe Chinese Martial Arts, decades before the term of Kungfu was popularized by Bruce Lee.

Ho Goan Ka [Huo Yuan Jia] is the person who inspired me behind the establishment of Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun). His work of preserving, researching, reviving many conservative traditional Chinese Kuntao [Kungfu] and advance it into progressive traditional Chinese Kungfu really was the seed of my inspiration.

My Grand Master [Sukong] Kwee King Yang had 8 master before meeting his last teacher, Tjia Fun Tjiao, the last chief instructor of Black Flag Lodge who fled to Indonesia. What amazed me about the teaching of Late GM Kwee King Yang was the depth of Tjia Fun Tjiao's Black Flag practical combat efficiency that contain the essence of Fujian Shaolin Everlasting Hall [Eng Chun Tim].  I am in the process finishing my complete article on how Ho Goan Ka's life inspired me to research all the teaching of Tjia Fun Tjiao's Black Flag system from many of GM Kwee King Yang's Students and revive the closest of the original teaching of Tjia Fun Tjiao, into today's Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun] teaching methodology.

Stay Tune! 🙂


Sifu Kenneth Lin