There has been tremendous success in spreading the Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun system in the United States, Europe, South America, Middle East, and Asia. Due to the rapid worldwide demand for our teachings and the success of now having representatives in multiple countries on four continents, we are proud to announce our new improved international program, Hek Ki Boen Kuntao System.

Hek Ki Boen Kuntao System is the realization of Sifu Lin's teaching methods that have been perfected over the years and finalized. These innovations in training have been proven by Sifu Lin in his training of students and development of instructors worldwide. This program allows all students and Instructor Candidates to achieve basic skills within six months. All videos and materials published thus far have shown only these basic skill sets.

At the end of 2011, Sifu Lin has finalized the official release of his new and improved system (proposed as Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun System) to the public. During Sifu Lin's recent trip to Indonesia from December 8th - December 20th, 2011, he had the opportunity to present his new and improved system containing a different approach of teaching methodology to the Hokkian Eng Chun Kok Sut Cia elders(Grandmasters).

As of December 11, 2011, the student track and instructor track of the new system was presented to the elders and approved under the name of " The Official HKB Kun Tao System". Moreover, during the official inauguration of "The Official Hek Ki Boen System" on December 12, 2011, the elders have given their blessing to Sifu Lin as the founder and grandmaster of Hek Ki Boen Kun Tao system.

Hek Ki Boen Kuntao System will be exclusively offered through The Official HKB Kuntao International Organization.  HKB Kuntao System is the latest proven training methodology created by GM Lin, and the HKB Kuntao organization will put politics aside once and for all. The focus of the HKB Kuntao organization will be solely on improving students and Instructors martial arts skills and engine, regardless of lineage or background.

HKB is Wing Chun[Eng Chun]. In the past, this style is taught by GGM Kwee King Yang in Indonesia [Between 1937 - 1987] under the banner of Hok Kian Eng Chun Kok Sut Cia / Hokian Eng Chun Kuntao [Fukien Wing Chun Kungfu Family].

Under leadership of Grandmaster Lin Xiang Fuk, Since 2008he used to spread this art under the banner of HKB Eng Chun Pai.
The he name of HKB[Hek Ki Boen=Black Flag Lodge] came from the history background of Kwee King Yang's Last Teacher; Cia Fun Tjiao, who was the last Chief Instructor of Black Flag Lodge. GM Lin decided to use the HKB Eng Chun in order to differentiate our version of Wing Chun with other 'Cantonese' Wing Chun.

HKB Kuntao is new program/system that will be launch in 2012, developed by Grandmaster Lin. And because of politics, we refused to be associated with Wing Chun as an organization.
In case you haven't read the official statement, please take your time to review the following link.


The HKB Kuntao System General Overview:

(1) Four HKB Kuntao Forms;

(a) Eng Chun Kun Form

Section 1: Sam Chian Po Section: 3 Battle Step.
Section 2: Siauw Lim Dou: Little Training.
Section 3: Sat Si Mui Section: Pursuing 4 Direction
Section 4: Hua Kun Section: Flowery Fist
Section 5: Ti Saam Chian Po Section: Earth 3 Battle Step.
Section 6: Tim Kiao Section: Sinking the bridge.
Section 7: Sam Chian w/ 9 Tendon Activation
Section 8: Dan Cheng Sam Chian
Section 9: Sip Ji Kun Section: Character 10 Form
Section 10: Sam Chian w/ Qi Gong.

(b) Dummy Form / 2 Man Set Version
(c) Sang To (Double Butterfly Sword)
(d) Pat Mui Kun Huat (HKB Pole)

(2) Combat Skill Development

+ Footwork
+ Hand & Leg Methods
+ Optimum Body position [Superior and Inferior]
+ Self Defense Tactic
+ HKB Sparring Skill,
+ HKB Kiao Jiu[Bridging Hand]
+ HKB Niam Jiu[Sticky Hand].

(3) HKB Kuntao 18 Formulas

Section 1: 9 Gates Theory,
Section 2: 5 Lines Formula,
Section 3: Upper-Lower Triangle
Section 4: 3 Range of Combat,
Section 5: 2 Line of Offense

(4) HKB Qi Gong Meditation Skill

(5) Special Skills:

+ Wheel bearing Body[Cotton Body] Methods,
+ HKB Iron Palm and HKB Red Palm Methods,
+ Liam Kut (Bone Cultivation; HKB Tendon & Bone Marrow Training),
+ It Liam/Nui Kang (Intent Training),
+ Triple Point of Sensitivity,
+ No Shadow Hand & Leg Techniques,
+ Im Yang Tornado hand methods,
+ HKB Unique of Bai Jong Set Up Concept in empty hand techniques and weapon
+ Five element type of Energy set-up and other advance skills.

(6) Faster pace of learning.
Each level can be completed in as little as 1 year, depending on student determination.

(7) Teaching Skill Development

(8) School Management Study

(9) Business & Marketing Study

(10) Feng-Shui Course for Business [Landscape, Ba Gua, Xuan Kong / Flying Star and Water