Ying Shen Jie Fu 2016Ying Shen Jie Fu (迎神接福)

I had a great time performing the Taoist Ying Shen Jie Fu (迎神接福) Ceremony, led by my Taoist Shifu, Grand Master Li Song Hoo, last night at his house, along with his family. Ying Shen Jie Fu literally means to welcome Taoist Gods and Goddess (Shen Xian & Xian Nu) and to receive luck/fortune.

Chinese Lunar New Year is one of the most important event of the year, where every Taoist practitioner and most Chinese people performing the Ying Shen Jie Fu ritual, to pay respect to Supreme Being Tai Shang Lao Jun, Almight God Yu Huang Da Di (Tian Gong) as well as other Other Taoist Gods and Goddess Shen Xian & Xian Nu, wishing to receive Five Happiness Wu Fu; Luck, Fame, Long Life, Wealth and Good Descendants.

The future looks bright and I am looking forward to step in this Year of Monkey [Money]  🙂

Great Properties, Great Health and Great Legacy to everyone!!!



Sifu Kenneth Lin