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Welcome to Black Flag Wing Chun / Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Online University

Black Flag Wing Chun Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun

Welcome to the Official Black Flag Wing Chun Online University

This is the HKB Wing Chun Online University site worldwide, where HKB Wing Chun  members worldwide log-in to browse the training materials, videos and share their experience in a great wonderful treasure of The Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun system.

Hek = Black, Ki=Flag, Boen=Association, in short, Black Flag Wing Chun is Kung Fu system based on Grand Master Kenneth’s Lin personal Kung Fu research toward the teaching of late GM Tjia Fun Tjiao of Black Flag that came to Indonesia in 1907 by collecting, filtering and reviving the art from many of Tjia’s grand students [Pupils of Late GM Kwee King Yang].

Black Flag Wing Chun’s main principle is based on the concept of Maximum Efficiency through occupying time, becoming space and releasing an impulse energy. Combat Maximum Efficiency means that your effort to neutralize the opponent’s attack can no longer be simplified into less step to make it more efficient, in another word, your can no longer use less time, less space and less energy to deal with an attack.

Some tutorial and demonstration video can be found here:

HKB Wing Chun / Black Flag Wing Chun

Feel free to participate in our social portal, browse the online university and enjoy your experience.
And I will look forward to meet you one day.

HKB Wing Chun / Black Flag Wing Chun


Black Flag Wing Chun Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Sifu Kenneth Lin



Kenneth Lin
Grand Master Founder
HKB Wing Chun / Black Flag Wing Chun. Black Flag Wing Chun