What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun is a world-famous kung fu style made popular by Bruce Lee and Ip Man. Yet, you’ve never seen (or felt) anything like HKB Wing Chun. Hek = Black, Ki = Flag, Boen = Association. Not only are the differences stark, it can be argued that Black Flag Wing Chun is even more efficient, deadly, and powerful than more popular versions of the famous style.

So, Why is Black Flag Wing Chun Just Now Resurfacing Throughout The World?

They say nothing stays buried forever. Every once in a while events conspire to turn over a seemingly ordinary rock to reveal a very extraordinary treasure hiding underneath. That’s what happened when Grand Master Kenneth Lin began his exhaustive search into the origins of Wing Chun. His studies brought him to Indonesia where he was able to seek out and find Tija’s grand students and pupils of Late Grand Master Kwee King Yang. It was there that he began studying this little-known Wing Chun style, which was unlike anything he had ever seen before. With the permission of the remaining Grand Masters, Kenneth Lin decided to spread the art throughout the world in order to preserve its immense gift, unique fighting style, and internal treasures.

The Question is – Why Haven’t You Heard of Black Flag Wing Chun?

You see, all the way back in 1907, a faction of the infamous and secretive Black Flag arm of Wing Chun practitioners lead by Grand Master Tija Fun Tjiao, migrated to Indonesia. It was in the remote areas of this island paradise that Black Flag was kept in relative secrecy, being passed down from one certified pupil to another. While Ip Man was gaining fame in Hong Kong from the 1930s to 1950s, with students such as Bruce Lee spreading the art throughout film and television and Wong Shun Leung spreading its fame through roof top brawls, Black Flag Wing Chun remained isolated and hidden, confined to the islands of Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

Now – For The First Time in Over a Century YOU Can Learn and Pass On This Elite, Highly Secretive Fighting Style

In order to preserve and spread Black Flag Wing Chun throughout the world, we have setup this website to encourage martial arts enthusiasts like yourself to become teachers and practitioners of Black Flag. In order to do this, we’ve made it as simple as possible to get started.

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Represent Hek Ki Boen in your city and help spread it to the world. By going through our teacher training courses you are helping preserve this ancient art by passing it down to others. When you become part of HKB, you become part of a global family.

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Just because you can’t physically be in one of our locations, doesn’t mean you unable to learn the integral footwork, movement, concepts, and internal power of HKB Wing Chun. Enroll in our distance learning courses and take the first step to becoming a seasoned martial artist.

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