HKB Black Flag Wing Chun Instructor Program


We are ONLY looking for serious and dedicated students to become official teachers and representatives of the HKB Black Flag Wing Chun system.

Please Read The Following Before Continuing

HKB Black Flag Wing Chun Instructor Program
This training is NOT a walk in the park – it is intensive, time-consuming, and painful. If you are not prepared to put in blood, sweat, and tears and completely re-train your body, mind, and energy, then please stop here.
Finally, and most importantly, if you are not prepared to dedicate yourself fully to the HKB system, we cannot take you as a student. This means that you must be prepared to develop an understanding beyond the simple act of technique by studying concept, philosophy, and energy work to create a well-rounded, deep in-rooted knowledge.
If you’re looking for a simple, paint-by-number system, please look elsewhere. We are not a black belt factory nor are we a “McDojo.”
If you are not prepared to be held under high standards and heavy scrutiny, this may not be for you. We are only looking for ethical students who will become ethical teachers that provide the highest level of professionalism to their students. When you join HKB, every action that you take, every word you say, and every student you teach is a direct reflection of our entire world-wide family, philosophy, and the integrity of this ancient system.

Do you fit the above criteria? If so, fill in the form below to proceed through the informational process