Expand Your HKB Black Flag Skills With These Comprehensive DVDs


For the first time ever, the official Hek Ki Boen Association has released a set of comprehensive instructional DVDs. These videos, featuring Grandmaster Kenneth Lin, are just like having a seminar directly in your living room!

Whether you’re a novice or a long-time HKB practitioner, these DVDs are an essential aspect of your training, allowing you to work on the finer points of your technique at your own pace in your own home.


HKB Wing Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun/黑旗門 詠春拳] DVD!

Finally, The SECRET is OUT to Public.

For the first time ever, HKB Wing Chun International release the First DVD on 18 Lohan Suánn Sik [十八罗汉散式 - 18 Separate Drills], featured by Grand Master Kenneth Lin Xiang-Fuk, Grand Master Benny Meng and Master Brad Ryan.

Purchase these DVDs in Bulk [Quantity of 10] and Save up to $59.50

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