Introducing Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun Online University

This virtual University site is dedicated to improving the training options offered for both Public and HKB Worldwide Members ranging from Student, Group Leader, Instructor and Martial Arts School Owner. Featuring clear instruction, syllabus break down, week to week lesson plan, video displays from multiple angles, clear lectures, diagrams, training guidelines, quizzes and worksheet – HKB Online University will help you to better understand the Wing Chun as a system of Maximum Efficiency of Time-Space-Energy rather than as a style and progressively improve your skills.

As a result of researching and teaching Wing Chun system to thousands of students, group leaders, instructors and Martial Arts business owner worldwide, the The Official HKB International believes that the understanding the concepts and theory behind the training exercises and drills greatly affects the time and energy required to develop practical and effective real skill. We have found that the student who understands the exercises, concepts, and theory of the system progresses much faster than a student who only learns the tools and techniques of any Martial Arts.

The complete HKB Online University curriculum is structured into 3 primary tracks:

  1. Student Track
  2. Instructor Track
  3. Martial Arts School Owner Business Learning Track

As a HKB Online University student, you will be guided through the curriculum working from tools to techniques to body mechanics to concepts to principle, just as if you were a private student of Grand Master Kenneth Lin. HKB  Online University will enable you to SEE and LEARN the techniques of Wing Chun, the training exercises, all formulas, principles, concepts and theories necessary to train in a clear and concise with the SAME STANDARD as HKB Wing Chun Headquarter School format at your own pace, anywhere in the world.

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In This HKB Online University site worldwide,  Everyone can log-in to browse the training materials, videos and share their experience in a great wonderful treasure of The HKB Wing Chun  system.

Feel free to participate in our social portal, browse the online university and enjoy your experience.
And I will look forward to meet you one day.



Kenneth Lin Wing Chun

Grand Master Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk