Black Flag Wing Chun Dallas Texas

I had super awesome weeks so far in Texas.  My host, AZ Drew Jones gives me VIP treatment from day one.

The past two days, we have had some extreme hard training for my future ONLY Representatives of Black Flag Wing Chun for Texas. Many of the deep concept of HKB wing Chun has blown the instructor candidates team here.
Looking at how hard they are willing to train, I can tell that Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun has found a definete Another home right here in Texas.
Some training reports can be found here:

From Master Zaki Drew Miles:

From Jonathan Miles:

Tomorow, there will be a TWO big Black Flag Wing Chun seminar and workshop. One is here in Dallas, Texas, conducted by me and the other one is in Germany, run by One of my Master Level Instructor, Sifu Gordon Pollard.

Super NO LIMIT hard training will be on the menu for both Texas and Germany HKB Wing Chun seminar!!

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Sifu Kenneth Lin