Essential Core Fengshui Course
It is NOW Available through very structured learning,
taught directly by Grand Master Kenneth Lin,
Founder of HKB Eng Chun International.


From the Desk of Sifu Kenneth Lin,
RE: HKB Feng Shui
Feb 11, 2014

Dear Future Feng Shui Students,

If you are interested to learn traditional Taoist Fengshui, for improving house, office and commercial space [Yang Feng Shui= Fengshui for Living], You can sign up now and start training directly under Master Kenneth Lin, Founder of the HKB Eng Chun International Kungfu Organization. He is a direct disciple of Two Taoist Grand Masters; GM Li Meng Zu [San Qing Lineage] and GM Ye Fa Pao [Tai Qing Dao Lineage]. Master Lin also actively supporting Tai Shang Men Lineage of Taoism in their mission to spread Taoism in the West [].

hkb fengshui

Below is what you will expect to learn in this Fengshui Course:

  1. Module 1: Ba Gua Mansion School of Feng Shui [SPACE]
    Using the Ba Gua [8 Trigram Direction] to optimum positioning [SPACE] of everything within the building based on the individual household's KUA.

  2. Module 2: Water Setting School of Feng Shui [SPACE]
    Everything you need to know for incoming and outgoing water line under and above the house [SPACE].
  3. Module 3: Xuan Gong [Flying Star] School of Feng Shui [TIME]
    Using the 9 stars's changes to understand TIME of energy in relation to setting up the building.
  4. Module 4: Jiu Xing [9 Stars Movements] School of Feng Shui [ENERGY]
    Understanding the Qi[Energy] of 9 Stars [9-Magic Squares]  to determine/setting up the TIME to move out/in, renovation, etc.
  5. Module 5: Land space School of Feng Shui [SPACE]
    Understanding the external factors of setting up/choosing/building the house. Using the 5 Celestial Animals elements [White Tiger, Green Dragon, Black Tortoise, Red Phoenix and Yellow Dragon], Fengshui Dimension, Shape of Land, Placement and Fengshui Interior Design, 5 Elements Fengshui and Fengshui measurement calculation with Feng Shui Jhe.


Methods of Learning:

  • Infield - Data Gathering
  • Infield Analysis
  • Calculation based on the 5 Modules Theory
  • Preparing full Fengshui analysis reports
  • How to minimize errors

Investment Option:

  1. Group Learning: Minimum 5 person in a group.
    Investment per Module: $499.00
    All 5 Modules Package: $2000.00

  2. Private Lesson.
    Investment per Module $1250.00
    All 5 Modules Package: $5000.00


  • This investment option does not include/cover accommodation that might occur if you have to bring GM Lin in your city/country to learn.
  • This course does not cover the business learning, ie: Dealing with clients, leads, etc.
  • This course does not cover the Yin Feng Shui [Feng Shui for Burial]


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