black flag wing chun texas


[Official Statement]

Date: 8.27.14
Subject: New HKB Wing Chun Instructor Candidates/Group Leader for Texas.

After long process of selection and consideration, I am proudly to announce that we have a new addition to International HKB Wing Chun Leadership. Convinced by their strong commitment and ability to train hard and lead, I have decided to accept Drew Miles and Johnathan Miles into the HKB / Black Flag Wing Chun Instructor Program.

As of today, they are also acting as the Group Leader and Official Representative of HKB Wing Chun for TEXAS. Let it be known that they are the ONLY Official Representative for Black Flag Wing Chun for Texas.

To all of HKB Leaders, Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Group Leaders and Student Members, Please join me CONGRATULATING Drew Miles and Johnathan Miles to for their recent acceptance into HKB Wing Chun Instructor Program by posting your Comments, Likes and Shares.


Sifu Kenneth Lin