Black Flag Wing Chun Demonstration 3

Wing Chun 18 San Sik Complete [十八散式]

You've seen how the Ip Man Movies have helped to spark the growth of Wing Chun Kung Fu worldwide. Now in this Wing Chun Video you will see a demonstration of 18 San Sik / 十八散式 / Separate Hands of HKB Eng Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun], also known as Cap Pwee Lo Han Jiu Suan Sik /十八罗汉手散式 [18 Lohan Separate Hands].

In this Wing Chun demonstration video, Grand Master Kenneth Lin demonstrates the execution of each San Sik / Separate Hand along with first degree Shock Impulse power known as Hoat Keng / 發勁 [aka Fa jin or Faat Ging].

Although there are some similarity of Kulo Wing Chun 22 San Sik [Leung Jan Wing Chun Gu Lao 22 Points] as it indicates a possible similarity/connection but for sure, Black Flag Wing Chun 18 San Sik / 18 Separate Hands has it's own unique character, especially on the strong emphasizes on internal power of first degree shock impulse power.

Black Flag Wing Chun training methodology makes it possible for you to use Wing Chun in full contact vs. Systema, vs. Taichi, vs. Taekwondo, vs. Kenpo, vs. Ninjutsu, vs. BJJ, vs. Muay Thai, vs. karate, vs. boxing, vs. any styles!

Available in Black Flag Wing Chun Schools: USA [California & Virginia], UK [Devon], Germany [Saarbrucken], Italy [Roma, Genova, Savona, Livorno, Torino, Novara] and HKB Wing Chun online university.

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