Mid 1600s Creation of the Secret Society and the Five Lodges after the destruction of the Southern Shaolin Temple. Many generations within the Black Flag, active against the Manchu
Early 1900s
First Generation
Last Chief Instructor GM Cia Fun Tjiao left China for Indonesia, The Martial Arts system from The Black Flag Lodge of the Secret Society/Hong Men took root in Indonesia.
1920s - 1987
Second Generation
Grand Master Kwee King Yang [? ? ?; Pin Yin: Guo Qing Yang]
Note: (Birth name was known as The King Yang: ?? ?; Pin Yin: Zheng Qing Yang])
Third Generation
  1. Five Early Disciple of Kwee King Yang; GM Po Lin, GM Hok Sing, GM Hok Jin, GM Tiauw Jiang, GM Hu Liang.
  2. Grand Master The Kang Hay [? ? ?; Pin Yin: Zheng Jiang Hay]
    [Successor & Grandson of Kwee King Yang]
  3. Grand Master Ban Bi Sun
  4. Grand Master Liem Bie Kong
  5. Grand Master Un Hauw
  6. Grand Master Tan Swie Hoo
    [Another Grandson of Kwee King Yang]
  7. Grand Master Yoe Seng Lian [Xing Yen]
    (He is a 3rd & 4th Generation)
Fourth Generation
  1. Grand Master The Sik Yen
    (Under Grand Master Ban Bi Sun)
  2. Grand Master Yoe Seng Lian [Xing Yen]
    (3rd & 4th Generation)
    (Under Grand Master Hok Jin, The Kang Hay and Kwee King Yang)
  3. Grand Master Pen Hwa
    (Under Grand Master Tan Swie Hoo)
  4. Grand Master Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk[? ? ?]
    (Start in 1985 at age of 10 under GM The Kang Hay)
    [The Founder of The Official HKB Kuntao in 2011]


  1. Grand Master Kenneth Lin is the only one that teach 100% Tjia Fun Tjia's Black Flag system, based on the teaching of Kwee King Yang's Mixed Kungfu that has been filtered by GM Lin, removing other arts that is not part of Black Flag system and revive the original teaching of Black Flag system.
  2. There are other teachers within Kwee King Yang kungfu family teach Kwee King Yang's Mixed Kungfu. It is not the same with Black Flag Wing Chun of GM Lin