Dear Everyone,

Looking back several years, I want everyone to know that the key success of our mission to spread, preserve and advance HKB are most definitely because of all elders and leaders involved and always constantly support me building the International Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Organization all this time. The CREDIT is DUE to everyone, no matter how small their contributions are!

Formally, from the bottom of my heart, I want to recognize my Kungfu Family for their ongoing support and contribution:

  1. GM The Kang Hay, My Main Sifu, the direct successor of Late GM Kwee King Yang of the Hok Kian Eng Chun Kok Sut Cia [Fukien Wing Chun Kungfu Family] from all of the kungfu and life teaching that he has given since 1985. Without his role as my Kungfu father, I would not be the same person as today. There is no other word to describe how his way of life influence me to be a better person everyday.  His good morality and principle of life has opened up my mind to understand life. Who we are is not what happen to us, but how we respond this. I am eternally grateful for his teaching and kungfu father role for me.
  2. GM Tio Tek Kwie, One of My Sifu for giving me everything he could in his teaching. He is also the first sifu that encourage and support my teaching expansion to USA. Without him there is no HKB International today.  Forever, I am grateful and respect him as my family.
  3. GM Elders of Hok Kian Eng Chun Kok Sut Cia: GM Tan Swie Hoo, GM Un Hauw, GM Lim Bi Kong and GM Yoen Xing Yen for their support to our establish HKB International.
  4. Early Master Instructors and Senior Disciple from Virginia, USA: Master John Hackmeyer, Master Benjamin Blalock, Master Andrew Wonpat, Master Gordon Pollard, Master Daniel Brant, Suheng William Kesner, Suheng Joe Cagnina, Suhu Mark Boyd, Suheng Joshua Mains,  Suce Logan Sparks, Suheng Larry Braboy and Master Kenneth Rimestad for all their support in building the organization and keep the kungfu faimily at VA school in place.
  5. Master Benny Meng and VTM [Ving Tsun Museum], for all of his supports to promote and spread HKB, writing Magazine Articles, DVD projects, etc. Without his help and support as the past International Program Director of HKB [2009 to Feb 2013, there won't be HKB International Today. Very grateful
  6. Suhu Alex Magnos, for all of his support to promote and spread HKB in Brazil. He was a pioneer for HKB in Brazil.
  7. Master Gianluca Giusto and Master Riccardo Di Vito, for all of their support as an appointed National Chief Instructor For Italy. Their ongoing Support to continuously Promote and spread HKB in Italy and some other part in Europe has really touch my heart. Without their genuine passion, there is no HKB in today in Italy. And also not to forget Sifu Antonello Parisi and Stefano Luzi who opened up the way for HKB to enter Italy. Very grateful.
  8. Master Dave Morgan, for all his support on HKB HQ Project and spread and constantly promote HKB in UK. He has worked so hard to put everything together to support the future project for HKB International.
  9. Master Gordon Pollard, for all of his support as an appointed National Chief Instructor for Germany. He has worked very hard to plant the seed and open the way for HKB to enter Germany. His passion and true passion is heart felt.
  10. Suheng Dimitriou, for all of his support to plant the seed of HKB in Greece.
  11. Suheng Anh Do and Suheng Albert Tangtheinkul, for their support at HKB California HQ and hold the school down. So much time and effort they've done for the schools.
  12. All other HKB Instructors both Licensed School and Non Commercial Club , who have promote and spread HKB Art for future generations in their own area/city; Suhu Brad Ryan(Texas), Suheng Michael Sampson(Georgia], Suhu Mauro Caropo(Torino-Italy), Suhu Aaron Mckillips(Dayton), Suhu John Lamber(Cincinnati), Suhu Chango Noaks(Indianapolis),  Suhu Xan Smith(Cincinnati), Suhu Sajid(Chicago), Suheng Manoel Ramos(Recife), Suheng Boscolo(Sao Paolo), Suheng Mark E Bober(Pennsylvania), Suheng Stefano Fenzi(Livorno), Suheng Marino Baccin(Novara), Suheng Andrea Ravera(Savona), Suheng Pierpaolo Barnieri(Albenga), Suheng Simone Maineri(Albenga), Suheng Massimiliano Sinopoli(Albenga), Suce Sara Pilepich(Albenga) and still many others that I haven't mentioned.
  13. All HKB Students and Members anywhere in worldwide for their support and trust.

On my personal behalf and the behalf of the Official HKB International, I want to thank everyone!






Kenneth Lin
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